"Two Funerals" is the eleventh episode of Season 7 of the NBC television series Parks and Recreation, and the 123rd episode overall. It premiered on February 17, 2015.

The episode opens with the news that Donna and Joe have closed on a condo in Seattle, Leslie and Ben will be splitting their time between DC and Pawnee for Leslie's new job, April and Andy have found a place in DC as well, and Gary is retiring (again). Then comes the news that the heretofore unseen Mayor Gunderson (Bill Murray) has passed as well. At the memorial, the characters process their grief in different ways. Ben Wyatt enlists April and Gary to help find an interim mayor. Leslie attempts to convince Tom Haverford to propose to Lucy. Ron Swanson, while unaffected by the death of the Mayor, collapses upon hearing the his barber, Salvatore, has passed as well. Finally, Ethel Beavers reveals that she has been Mayor Gunderson's lover for 46 years, since he was in an open marriage, and that she regrets not expressing her love for him sooner.

In Leslie and Tom's plot, they order a last minute banner, where Leslie reminds the banner store owner that she has spent over $100,000 dollars at his store, which caused her credit card company to call and ask if she was mentally stable. The two then begin filming an action movie in Ted's store (complete with stunt doubles and Jean-Ralphio as the villain). However, as soon as Lucy arrives in Pawnee, Tom throws out his old plan, and proposes to Lucy at the Snakehole Lounge, where they first met, using items from their first date. She accepts.

Ben, April, and Gary begin interviewing potential interim Mayors, starting with Bobby Newport, who declines since he is too busy partaking in space tourism. After moving through several other notable Pawneans, including Joan Callamezzo (who declines due to her claimed youthful age, 27), Dr. Saperstein (declines for lack of time due to his mogul status), and The Douche (reverts to Douche persona), April suggests Ben himself. However, after finally accepting the Ice Town fiasco from his past, Ben decides to pass the mayoral position onto Gary, who is overjoyed. He even receives an amazing inauguration celebration, including a throne, red carpet, choir, roman legions, hot air balloon, and fireworks (all strongly suggested to have been for Tom's original proposal plan).

At Salvatore's funeral, Ron declares that the three most important people in a man's life are his barber, his butcher, and his lover, and places $8 dollars, the cost of a haircut, lovingly in Salvatore's coffin. It later emerges that Ron's sadness truly stems from his fear of change and the amount of change happening around him; with all his friends moving away, Salvatore was the one constant left in Ron's life. After some sage words from Ron Dunn, Donna gets the idea to take Ron to Typhoon. While Typhoon is much more talkative than Ron's former barber, Ron quite enjoys Typhoon's disdain for Europe and bicycles, and it becomes clear that he has found his new barber.

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