Trish Ianetta is a beauty pageant competitor and winner of Miss Pawnee '09. She has been called by Tom Haverford, "Amanda Bynes without the puffy cheeks".  Trish however is known to not be intelligent. She only won the beauty pageant because of her looks and her skinny body.


Season 2Edit

Leslie Knope was the only judge opposed to crowning her Miss Pawnee, although this didn't prevent it from happening. While competing, Trish touted that one of her accomplishments was being on YouTube and also says she loves "wearing bikinis at the beach with everyone there".  Martin Housely announced her pageant victory, exclaiming, "It's the hot one!"

Trish appears again in "The Master Plan". Tom invites many women to his club, The Snakehole Lounge, including Trish. While flirting with many women, Tom seems to be interested in her; the drunk Trish questions this with dumbfound confusion. [1]