Tania is the owner of one of the few salad restaurants in Pawnee, Sue's Salads. She also teaches a cooking class at the William Percy Recreation Center


Season 2Edit

In "Leslie's House", Tania is asked by Leslie Knope to help her cook a dinner for a dinner party Leslie was hosting to impress Justin Anderson. Because she knows Leslie is cutting classes at the Recreation Center, Tania uses the opportunity to demonstrate to Leslie how essential her cooking class is to the center.

Season 3Edit

Tania made an appearance in the episode "Harvest Festival", when she went to Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt with a complaint that her salad stand should be moved onto Deep Fried Boulevard. When Leslie discouraged it, Tania claimed that "salads are her life." They made an agreement when Leslie dubbed her salad stand the "Official Healthy Choice of the Harvest Festival". Tania was then satisfied and left.

Season 4Edit

In "Meet 'n' Greet", when speaking to a group of local business owners, Leslie claims "Although I have not worked with you professionally, as a private citizen I have personally patronized each and every one of your establishments." To which Tania replies "Mmm, I haven't seen you buy a salad at Sue's Salads." Leslie responds with "That's cause I don't hate myself, Tania. I'm sorry I know I should be chasing your vote but I stand behind my decision to avoid salad and other disgusting things... and I think I have a lot of support from the community for that."

Season 5Edit

In the episode "Soda Tax" Leslie mentions that Sue's Salads have been run out of town.


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