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Scarecrow Boat is the name of a band led by Andy Dwyer, which performed in the episode Rock Show. They have a long list of previous names and can't quite settle on one. The inspiration for one of their songs titled, "Ann", was Andy's former girlfriend Ann Perkins. They are the winner of WKKR's Pawnee Battle of the Bands 2008.

The band was named after an actual garage band from Adrian, Michigan, active from 1991 to 1995, winner of the 1993 Adrian High School Battle of the Bands. Parks and Recreation co-creator Michael Schur met the original Scarecrow Boat bassist, Eric Bennett, through the Harvard Lampoon and wrote in 1997 a mock album review of a Scarecrow Boat album for that humor magazine. Years later Schur made use of the name for the show without permission. In addition to Bennett, the original Scarecrow Boat members were Matthew Shultz (vocals), Jason Tuttle (guitar), and David Stukey (drums). Previous names included Where's Alex?, Odd Pieces of Stone, and Johnny Lickspittle and the Obsequious Sycophants.

The band then went back to their previous name, Mouse Rat after a performance and it remained as Mouse Rat until the end of the band.


Name Image Role Description
Andy Dwyer Andy Dwyer.jpg Vocals, Guitar Andy Dwyer, 29, has lived in Pawnee for his entire life. "It's my home," he says, emotionally. Dwyer has written over 300 songs, and serves as the band's lead vocals, rhythm guitarist, manager, advisor, and "creative force" and brains.[1]
James Pierson James Pierson.jpg Drums For years, James was the drummer in Scarecrow Boat's nemesis band, The Sprinklers. Then one day he finally came to see those dudes for the assbags they really are, and joined us.[1]
Michael Chang Michael Chang.jpg Bass, Back-Up Vocals Michael and Andy went to high school together and have been playing music for years. The first ever band that Andy played in was a swing craze duo with Michael in 1996 called "The Dizzy Dames" and then they realized that "dames" means girls and changed it to "The Daddy Fellas." [1]
Andrew "Burly" Burlinson Wyatt.jpg Guitar, Back-Up Vocals Burly is "the shy one."[1]

Previous Name[]

The band has changed names several times. Past names include:

  • Teddybear Suicide
  • Mouse Rat
  • God Hates Figs
  • Department of Homeland Obscurity
  • Flames for Flames
  • Muscle Confusion
  • Nothing Rhymes With Orange
  • Everything Rhymes With Orange
  • Punch Face Champion
  • Radwagon
  • Puppy Pendulum
  • Possum Pendulum
  • Penis Pendulum
  • Handrail Suicide
  • Angel Snack
  • Just the Tip
  • Fourskin
  • Threeskin
  • Jet Black Pope
  • Malice in Chains
  • The Andy Andy Andys
  • Andy and the D-Bags
  • Crackfinger
  • Fiveskin
  • Ninja Dick

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