Rent-A-Swag, established in 2012, is Tom's former business. It's Pawnee's only teen clothing rental service. Parents can rent their kids' clothing from a huge wardrobe of "the dopest shirts, the swankiest jackets, the slickest cardigans, the flashiest fedoras, the hottest ties, the snazziest canes and more!" Tom's initial stock was his own wardrobe, his small frame matching those of Pawnee's teens.

Tom spontaneously got the idea for the business while trying to sell one of his jackets at the garage sale fund-raiser in "Halloween Surprise". Much more sensibly run than Tom's former business venture, Rent-A-Swag's initial investment came from Tom's colleagues, with significant capital from Ron Swanson.

Tom decided to run this business without his usual collaborator Jean-Ralphio Saperstein. However Mona-Lisa Saperstein was one of Tom's employees, she stole from the store and was totally apathetic about her job.

Rent-A-Swag was fairly successful, however it lost a lot of business when Dr. Saperstein opened up "Tommy's Closet" across the street (this was to blackmail Tom, because Jean-Ralphio had told his father that the business was his idea, and Tom stole it). Ultimately Tom agreed to sell Rent-A-Swag to the doctor for a moderate fee, of which he kept $32,000 after paying out his friends for their shares in the company. Tom used the capital from this sale to open up Tom's Bistro.

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