"Pie-Mary" is the ninth episode of Season 7 of the NBC television series Parks and Recreation, and the 121st episode overall. It premiered on February 10, 2015 to 2.47 million viewers.

Plot Edit

Leslie's refusal to take part in the "Pie-mary", a pie baking contest, becomes a point of controversy. While she originally declines to participate due to its retrogressive nature, Mike Peterson's yellow journalism successfully convince Leslie to reverse herself and participate. However, upon being boycotted by the Indiana Organization of Women, Leslie decides to switch with Ben to refocus attention on his congressional campaign. Ben, of course, instantly fixates on the idea of redefining pie-making by making a calzone (while humming Highway to the Calzone-zone). He is then boycotted himself by a male-rights group.

April informs Ron that she is about to move to Washington with Andy to take on a new job. Ron tells her that she has to return him the key to his house. April realises that she has changed the hiding place of the key, and that she left a trail of clues, the first being 4 human teeth and a Twilight ticket stub. She and Andy tell Ron, but Ron is very excited to solve this mystery. They first visit Donna, who informs them that she and April watched that movie together years ago, when April removed her wisdom teeth. Donna also informs them that April also visited the shoeshine stand that day. The trio runs to the shoeshine stand, only to find that it was removed during the remodeling of the city hall. They visit the basement and they find Harold there, who tells them that a ghost took it. Ron realises that the ghost is actually councilman Milton, and they find him in his office polishing his shoes. They locate a note written by April to Andy, which ends with 'woof woof', which seems to be a dead end. Back at Ron's office, April feels guilty, but Ron reveals that he changes his locks every 16 days, so the keys that April has no longer work. April suddenly remembers where she hid the keys: she buried under a tree that reminded her of Ron. Ron highly approves of this hiding place, because he too had buried some gold there years earlier.

Donna discovers Garry trying to fish something from the drain, and learns that Garry had dropped his wedding ring in again. The two of them talk and reminisce about the old days. The next day, Donna shows up at Garry's house, telling him that she managed to get people to open up the drain and to remove all the things that Garry had dropped inside over the years. She also gives Garry some oranges to thank him for his time.