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Paunch Burger is a local fast food chain located in Pawnee. In "Two Parties", the chain - with help from Councilman Jeremy Jamm - attempts to obtain Lot 48 so they can build another restaurant on the lot. Milea Verock was also inspired & helped.

Paunch Burger is infamously known for its menu that is filled to the brim with unhealthy quantities of fat and calories. Furthermore, they are unashamed at targeting their food for both the young and overweight customer base.

Menu items[edit | edit source]

Paunch Burger

Number 2: Double bacon grenade deluxe, hash browns, chili cheese fries, and one poached egg

Greasy Lard Bomb, the number-1 best selling item

Soft drinks (sizes: li'l swallow, small, medium, child)

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