Natalie Renee Ludgate is a character on NBC's Parks and Recreation. Natalie is the sister of April Ludgate-Dwyer, and the daughter of Rita Ludgate and Larry Ludgate. Like her sister, she is of Puerto-Rican and English heritage. She is portrayed by Minni Jo Mazzola. Her name comes from Aubrey Plaza's actual sisters, Natalie and Renee Plaza.


Natalie is very similar to her sister, April, with a bored-like monotone when she talks. She has a little of a malevolent humor, shown when Andy Dwyer had to pick her up in the episode Media Blitz. Instead of just going with him as she should have, she tells him she's going to get books, calls a guard and tells him that Andy was trying to lure her into his van. This causes Andy to be arrested. Natalie then takes a video of this on her phone, laughing.

She is also shown to have little interest in conversations, deciding to ignore, and leave her living room, when Ron Swanson made a greeting.

April and Natalie also dress very similar, Natalie usually wearing t-shirts and skin tight jeans. She, like April wears dark eye-liner in an obvious manner.


She seems to be somewhere in upper-classmen high school or is at least taking some classes, but it is never largely disscussed. Natalie is said to take dance class (by April). Natalie lives with April (who is apparently soon to move out due to her marriage to Andy Dwyer), Mrs. Ludgate and Mr. Ludgate.