Michael Tansley is a former Director of the Parks and Recreation Department in Pawnee, Indiana, until Ron Swanson took his job. He constantly talks about his affinity for marijuana and particularly clashes with Ron.


Season 2Edit

He first appeared in the episode "Summer Catalog", in which it is also revealed that Tansley is on parole due to smoking marijuana in several city parks as well as in the Parks Department offices. He defends his behavior by saying that "it was a different time; it was the early 90s". It is hinted in the episode that he was the one who planted the marijuana in the community garden in the Sullivan Street Pit from the episode "The Stakeout". Ron is, however, especially impressed by his waterpipe-making skills, telling Leslie that Michael once smoked out of a taxidermy raccoon.


  • It is implied that Michael is the one who planted weed in the community garden in The Stakeout.
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