Martin Housely is the MC at many special events in Pawnee such as Miss Pawnee and The Banquet.

Early LifeEdit

He graduated from Purdue University with a degree in marine biology. He spent three years abroad researching coral polyps in the Great Barrier Reef. His doctoral thesis, "The Effect of Climate Change on Australian Marine Life," was published in 1994.[1]

Career as an MCEdit

Formerly of the MC duo "The Housely Bros.", Martin went solo in 1997. He is available to MC any occasion, such as weddings, graduation parties, birthdays, reunions, baptisms, bar and bat mitzvahs, boat christenings, Kwanzaa ceremonies, Santa Claus-based gatherings, and burials (human and pet).[1] Has his own tuxedo and PA system. He requires a ride to the event, due to pending legal action regarding DWI.[1]