"London" is the season premiere of Season 6 of the NBC television series Parks and Recreation, and the 91st and 92nd episodes overall. It premiered on September 26, 2013 to 3.27 million viewers.

Storyline Edit

Picking up where "Are You Better Off?" left off, Diane Lewis informs Ron Swanson that she is pregnant. Feeling overwhelmed with joy and love, Ron proposes to Diane and the two head to the fourth floor of City Hall to get married immediately. They pick up Leslie Knope and April Ludgate on their way there, and with them as witnesses and an ordained minister ready to go, Ron and Diane are pronounced husband and wife.

One month later, Leslie is still being attacked by the "Recall Knope" campaign. She has come up with 40 phases to get the public to like her again, but so far none are creating awareness or making a difference. To lighten the mood, April makes a surprise announcement: she recently nominated Leslie for an award from the International Coalition of Women in Government, and Leslie was one of five winners. She also announces that the ceremony is being held in London in a month's time.

Another month later, Leslie, Ben, Ron, April and Andy are in London. Ron explains that he's only there because Diane wanted it to be their honeymoon, but due to morning sickness, she stayed home and insisted Ron still travel to London. Everyone has their assignments: Leslie and April will prepare for the awards ceremony, Ben and Andy will attend their meeting for the Sweetums Foundation, and Ron will take pictures of London for Diane.

Ben and Andy visit the head of an English charity foundation to expand their after school music program that they started in Pawnee. They meet Lord Edgar Covington, a wealthy man from a distinguished family with lots of money and property. Ben attempts to discuss terms with Lord Covington, but it quickly becomes clear he is easily distracted and is interested in childish, trivial things, much like Andy. Andy and Lord Covington get along very well – they both have similar work ethic and mannerisms. When Ben finally gets the chance to put forward his proposal, Covington admits he has no idea what he is doing. He started the charity to do something good with his family's money but he has heard hundreds of charity pitches and isn't sure who to choose. The only convincing Covington needs to chose Ben's proposal is Andy telling him blankly "Ours is great". Because Covington likes Andy so much, he requests he stay with him in England for three months to get things up and running. With encouragement from April, Andy agrees to stay and help out Covington (even though clearly, neither of them have any idea where to start).

Meanwhile, Leslie discovers that back in Pawnee, her personal London pictures are being used against her, as those from the "Recall Knope" campaign are insinuating she'd rather be in Europe than work through her problems in Pawnee. She initially wants to get back to Pawnee as soon as possible, but Ron convinces her to forget it and accept her award as planned. At the awards ceremony, she meets the other winners and is distressed to find that they are all loved by their hometowns, whereas Leslie's hometown has a strong hatred for her. This depressing revelation comes out in her acceptance speech, as she accuses Pawnee's citizens of being ungrateful and overly mean to her for no good reason. This backfires on Leslie, as her speech is live streamed in a number of places around Pawnee. She is later comforted by Ron and she hands him a belated wedding gift.

Upon arriving back in Pawnee, Leslie continues her thank-less work at serving the citizen's of Pawnee. Realizing Leslie could use a pick-me-up, April reads Leslie her application letter she sent to the International Coalition of Women in Government. The letter notes how special Leslie is, as her tireless work usually always goes unnoticed in a city full of apathetic people, and delves into how much she truly cares for her friends. Ron's hatred for Europe is great, but he is pleasantly surprised with Leslie's gift: a trip to an island off the coast of Scotland that hosts the Lagavulin distillery, his favorite alcoholic beverage.

Peeved at Tommy's Closet being established across the road from Rent-A-Swag, Tom Haverford asks Donna Meagle to help him find out information on the unknown owner. Finding only an address, Tom drives there to find Ann Perkins and Chris Traeger entering the building. Tom races in after them and finds the pair in a room in the middle of a sonogram. Tom realizes two things: Ann is pregnant, and the person trying to ruin his business is their doctor, Dr. SapersteinJean-Ralphio's father. Dr. Saperstein tells Tom he is only doing it to get back at him for ruining his children's lives. Later, Tom implores Jean-Ralphio and Mona-Lisa to confess their lies to their father in an attempt to get Dr. Saperstein to back down from his revenge plot. The plan does not work, as Dr. Saperstein is invested in his new business because it's actually making him money. This only inspires Tom to continue going in order to beat his competition.

Leslie's Forty Phases To Success Edit

  1. Believe In Yourself
  2. Plan To Be Spontaneous
  3. Take Back The Night. Return The Day
  4. Bring The Fight To Them
  5. Take It To The Streets
  6. Change The Game, *Find the Box, Invent Stuff to do, Wear someone else's clothes
  7. Throw Out The Old Rules
  8. Change The Game Back To What It Was, *Ammend Folder 5 of Restrictions & Rejections
  9. Costume Ball
  10. Meat & Greet
  11. Free Sundaes
  12. Super Soaker Tuesday's
  13. Think Outside The Box
  14. Bite The Bullet
  15. Dealer's Choice
  16. Stop, Drop, And Bowl, *Vote on changing team shirt design
  17. Kill 'Em With Kindness
  18. No Pain, No Gain
  19. Take It To The Streets
  20. Spring Forward, Fall Back
  21. Bring Home The Bacon
  22. Reach Out To Bono
  23. Reach Out To Springsteen, *If Bono's not available
  24. Reach Out To Mellencamp, *If Springsteen's not available
  25. Reach Out To Andy, *If Mellencamp's not available
  26. No Problem Too Small, *See chart B-26
  27. 24 HR Road Kill Scrape-A-Thon
  28. Brainstorm More Phases, *Submit to task force
  29. Get People To Wash Their Hands
  30. Pump Up The Volume
  31. I Didn't Come Here To Make Friends
  32. What Would Romney Don't?
  33. Stand On Shoulders Of Heroes, *Remove shoes first
  34. Media Push
  35. All Systems Go
  36. Dog Prom
  37. Loose Faith Temporarily, *See Folder 5 for Restrictions & Rejections
  38. Get Plenty Of Rest For All Night Rally
  39. All Obstacles Removed
  40. Total Success. Victory!

Trivia Edit

  • This episode picks up where "Are You Better Off?" left off.
  • Diane is pregnant with John Swanson; he is born in "The Wall".
  • Amy Poehler (Leslie Knope), Ben Schwartz (Jean-Ralphio Saperstein), and Henry Winkler (Dr. Saperstein) all appeared at one point on the show Arrested Development.
  • The London episodes were filmed in London to accommodate for Chris Pratt and his role in the film Guardians of the Galaxy. Andy staying in England was also used as a means in which to accommodate Pratt's absence.
    • Guest star Peter Serafinowicz (Lord Edgar Covington) was also in Guardians of the Galaxy where he played a character named Denarian Saal.

Goofs Edit

  • On Leslie's 40 Phases board, there are two spelling errors:
    • Phase 8 has 'ammend' instead of 'amend'
    • Phase 37 has 'loose faith' instead of 'lose faith'