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Linda Lonegan is a professor of Women's Studies at Pawnee Community College.


Season 4

In the episode "Smallest Park," Andy Dwyer and April Ludgate decide to readmit Dwyer into college for graduation. They go through several sample classes, before Dwyer finally decides to sample Women's Studies arbitrarily. Lonegan, as the class professor, explains Joan of Arc's history and addresses feminist issues with the class, which keeps the otherwise apathetic Ron Swanson and Ludgate hooked. Swanson expresses his thoughts of proposing to her to Ludgate and Dwyer, had she not been against marriage. On his first day in class, Dwyer talks about women empowerment, eventually derailing to empower prostitution which Lonegan finds "extremely incorrect."

In "Lucky," Dwyer gives his first examination and Lonegan passes him with a "P." Swanson invites them for a steak, and he invites Lonegan to join them. She hesitantly agrees. At the restaurant, Swanson tells Lonegan about how his life had been surrounded by powerful women. Ludgate and Dwyer notice Chris Traeger at the restaurant, and in an attempt to get him and Lonegan together, Ludgate invites him to join them. Upon leaving, Traeger invites Lonegan to land kayaking. She politely refuses, saying that she had just gotten out of a relationship and needed time. As soon as Traeger leaves, she asks Ron to go back to her place.The next day Ron comes to Dwyer and Ludgate and eventually Ron tells Chris what had happened the night before. Upon hearing this Chris is saddened but wishes Ron and Linda good luck with their life together.