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Kyle is an attorney for the city of Pawnee and a regular customer at Andy's Shoe Polishing Stand. Although he is a frequent customer, his experience with Andy Dwyer is rarely positive: during his first visit, Andy let Ron cut in front of Kyle and proceeded to throw Kyle's briefcase down the hall each time Kyle protested. Another time Kyle sat in the shoeshine stand's chair after Andy coated it with shoe polish, staining his pants.

Kyle seems to be the only employee in city hall who is treated worse than Jerry, as even Jerry himself is seen criticizing him when they are both judges during the cook-off between Ron Swanson and Chris Traeger.


Season 3

In "Camping", Kyle tells Andy about how his identity was stolen and his accounts were all frozen. Andy finds it hilarious and can't stop laughing.

Season 4

In "Campaign Ad", Ron attempts to push Kyle into hanging out with Chris. Donna Meagle made Ron think Chris was missing Ben Wyatt since Ben resigned from his job at Pawnee City Hall and Chris had invited Ron to go to a Japanese themed event. Kyle stands awkwardly in Chris' office doorway while Ron attempts to explain to Chris that Kyle thoroughly enjoys Japanese culture. When Chris asks him "You're a brother Japanophile?", Kyle responds that "I was eating rice and Ron made me come up here, but sure that sounds fun."

Season 6

In "Fluoride", Kyle appears in a promotional video that Leslie and Tom produce to gain public support for their water fluoridation program. Kyle appears (shirtless) as a man who drinks fluoridated water and transforms into a healthy and handsome young model. 

In "Farmers Market" Jerry complains about Kyle repeatedly parking in Jerry's parking spot, indicating continued tension between the two. 

In "Anniversaries" Donna accuses Kyle of writing negative reviews of her job performance online (which were actually written by April). It is revealed that Kyle owns at least 5 cats.  

In "One in 8,000", Andy inadvertently reveals the secret that Kyle's wife is cheating on him and that Kyle knows about it.