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The inside of the restaurant

Jurassic Fork is a dinosaur-themed restaurant in Patterson, Indiana with several dinosaur-themed entrees (however, due to legal reasons they are unable to make puns about the rareness of the meat). It is located at 2190 Valerian Road and was opened by longtime Pawnee restaurateurs Tim and Millie Mims. Its motto is "The only thing that will be extinct is your appetite." Gary Gergich is particularly enthused by the restaurant, and says he has eaten there 3 times a week for the past 15 years. It has a pool table and a gift shop and a disgruntled waiter (Evan O'Brien ).  Jurassic Fork has closed and is available for rent because the owners stretched themselves too thin by opening a second Steven Spielberg themed restaurant, "Schindler's Lunch," a German place downtown.

The front page of the menu

Menu Items[]

The menu
The menu
The back page of the menu

<place lat="34.04528000" lon="-118.25281500" /> The menu items are all dinosaur-themed.

  • Raptor-tizers
    • Cheese-A-Saurus Bread
    • Dinosaur Fingers
    • Pterodactyl Strips
    • Jurassic Potato Skins
    • Brontosaurus Wings
    • Shrimp-A-Saurus Cocktail
    • Prehistoric Sampler Platter
  • Pasta-N-Salad Rex
    • Shrimpa-saurus Pasta
    • Sirloin-O-Saur Salad
    • Tyranna-Caesar Salad
  • Jurassic-Wiches
    • Bacon Cheese Tricera-Burger
    • Grilled Chicken Veloci-Wrap
    • Jamaican Jerk Chicken Veloci-Wrap
    • Chicken Ptyra-Parmi
  • Dino Ribs
    • Baby Dino Ribs & Grilled Chicken Veloci-Wrap
    • Barbecued Baby Dino Ribs, half or full rack
  • All entrees include your choice of two sides.
    • Mesozoic Green Salad - Potato-Dactyl Soup - Steak-O-Saurus Soup - Clam-A-Saurus Chowder (Fridays only) - Fresh Veg-O-Saurus Medley - Baked Potato-Dactyl - Garlic Mashed Potato-Dactyl - Steakhouse Cave Fries
  • From The Grrrill
    • Mesozoic Filet Mignon
    • Tricera-Chops
    • Ribeye Steak-O-Saurus
    • New York Steak-O-Saurus
    • Top Sirloin-O-Saur
    • Teryaki Sirloin-O-Saur
    • Grilled Prehistoric Salmon
    • Crispy Jumbo Shrimp
    • Fossilized Lobster Tail
    • Surf and Turf-A-Saurus
  • Little Caveman
    • Mac-A-Saurus and Cave Cheese
    • Mini Sirloin-A-Saurus
    • Cheese Pizza with Raptoraroni
    • Dinosaur Fingers
    • Tricera-Burger
    • BBQ Dino Rings
  • Fossilized Desserts
    • Cave Cheesecake
    • Chocolate Lava Cake
    • Dinosaur Eggs Brulee
    • Fossilized Mud Pie
    • Prehistoric Apple Cobbler
    • Big Volcano Choc-O-Saurus Fudge Cake
  • Cave Beverages
    • Soda
    • Coffee or Tea
    • Jurassic Milkshake
    • Cave-O-Cino
    • Ask to see our selection of Cave Wine, Cave Beer, and Dino-Cocktails