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Jeremy Jamm, DDS, is a recurring character in the NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation. He is a local orthodontist in Pawnee, Indiana and an alumnus of the esteemed Purdue University. He is known as a staple of the community since he opened the doors of Jamm Orthodontia in 1999.

He is also a councilman on the City Council who constantly shoots down any proposal by Leslie Knope and goes out of his way to annoy her. He is always in it for himself. Councilman Jamm's signature phrase, "You just got Jammed," is often used when he perceives that he has one-upped his opponent. His motives are usually corrupted in that he offers many political favors related to helping his career as an orthodontist, and is shown to have been successful doing so as he owns an expensive house.


Season 5[]

As soon as Leslie is elected to City Council, Councilman Jamm makes sure to let her know he doesn't like her. He continually uses her private office bathroom, and expresses his annoyance at the least senior city council member having the best office. Councilman Jamm argues with Leslie regarding her proposals, telling her he will only vote yes on her bill to extend the community pool hours if she gives him her office.

In "Emergency Response", it's revealed that it was Councilman Jamm who arranged for the Indiana Department of Emergency Preparedness to give Leslie an extremely hard city emergency response review in order to delay her gala, which was organized in an attempt to raise $50,000 to build Pawnee Commons on Lot 48. Instead, Councilman Jamm wants to sell the lot to Paunch Burger.

Season 6[]

Season 7[]


  • He is an orthodontist, and owns his own practice called Jamm Orthodontics.
  • In season 4 episode 7 "The Treaty" Jamm's name is shown in the seat of head councilman
  • Loves to sing Grease karaoke, but has to sing the part of Sandra D due it being "more in his register."
  • He is a Japanophile, although generalises between Japan, China, and Korea. He likes teppanyaki, karaoke, Lucy Liu, gongs, kimonos, samurais, edamame ("tokyo beans"), and more.
  • Makes sushi with tuna salad.
  • He likes WWE female wrestlers
  • He has irritable bowel syndrome.
  • At one point he dates Tammy Two being manipulated by her, but Tammy wanted him to be an exact copy of Ron Swanson. She forced him to eat red meat and drink dark liquor, which his irritable bowel syndrome could not tolerate and made him miserable, but he was unable to break up with her.
  • He owns a bright yellow sports car which he once got an Asian girl to sit in
  • He buried the hatchet with Leslie and Ron after helping him break up with Tammy. He once addresses Leslie as his "best friend", much to her horror.
  • A placard reading "Councilman Jamm" appears in "The Treaty," prior to Councilman Jamm's first appearance.
  • The Japanese on Jamm's house wall reads "North Korea" "北朝鮮."