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Jennifer Ann "Jen" Barkley is a political whiz from Washington who was brought in as a campaign manager by Nick Newport, Sr. to help his son Bobby Newport win the city council election against Leslie Knope. According to Jennifer, the Newports are paying her $250,000 for six weeks of work.

After Leslie defeats Bobby in the City Council election in Season 4, Jen offers Ben Wyatt a job in Washington, D.C. working with the Barkley Group, running Congressman Murray's campaign. Jen also has a brief affair (one night stand) with Chris Traeger.

While Leslie and Jen initially have an adversarial relationship, they eventually become more cordial. When Leslie loses her recall election, Ben pays Jennifer for an hour's consultation with Leslie. Jen advises Leslie to set her goals higher.

In 2017, Jen recruits Ben to run for Congress. Jen is appalled by Ben and Leslie's living situation after they have become parents.


  • According to her in-show Wikipedia page during "Campaign Shake-Up", her mother, Maya Ann Debert, is a transgender woman.
  • She can read in Arabic.
  • She likes to be mysterious and hates kids.
  • She did bite a kid once
  • In Kathryn Hahn's show WandaVision, her character Agnes says she bit a kid once, a direct callback to her role
  • In the episode where she wears a poncho, it is similar to her costume as the mystical villain, Agatha Harkness in Wandavision. Even more coincidental, a child gets a purple paint stain on it. Agatha's costume in Wandavision and signature color is also purple!