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Janet Snakehole is one of the alter-egos of April Ludgate. She is an aristocratic widow with a "very terrible secret." She wears a sparkly netted veil, a white pearl necklace, a wristlet, and a black vintage dress. She also carries a cigarette holder.


Season 3

Snakehole first appears in the season 3 episode, "Indianapolis" when April and Andy play a game of trying to get free stuff and money anyway they can at The Snakehole Lounge. April puts on a staff T-shirt and tells a bartender that she is the owner's daughter, Janet Snakehole. In this first appearance, she acts nothing like the posh widow seen later on and is Janet Snakehole in name only, not in personality.

In the episode "The Fight," April and Andy decide to role-play at the Snakehole lounge; April as Ms. Snakehole and Andy as his alter-ego, FBI agent Burt Macklin. Snakehole and Macklin meet at the party and Andy comments that he thought her dress "would've been more sluttier," to which Snakehole aggressively slaps him and leaves. She is later seen trying to impress a few strangers at the bar with her wealth and posh lifestyle. Macklin interrupts and asks her to freeze, when she admits she didn't kill anybody or burn down the mill, which her sister did and dramatically leaves by throwing a glass to the floor. The next day, while everyone sports terrible hangovers, April switches to Snakehole for a brief talk with Jerry. She later approaches Andy with the netted veil and a pen replacing the cigarette holder, demanding to know what Macklin was doing there. Andy, due to his terrible hangover, says that Macklin died the previous night following ten shots of Snake Juice. A disappointed April begins to leave when Andy dons the persona of "Kip Hackman," brother of the late Macklin and says that he knew Snakehole "boosted those paintings." Snakehole subtly asserts the claim to be true, but leaves saying he would never find those paintings nor "have her body."

Season 4

In the episode "End of the World," while clearing Andy's bucket list, April, her sister Natalie and Jerry stage an abduction to fulfil Dwyer's dream of being an action star. Burt Macklin finds Michael Petrov holding Snakehole hostage, with Natalie recording the event. Petrov says that he would take Snakehole, who accuses him of stealing her jewels and potentially ravishing her, back to "mother Russia" with him, however Macklin fake punches Petrov and he and Janet end up kissing passionately. In "The Trial of Leslie Knope" April testifies at Leslie's hearing in character as Janet Snakehole.

Season 7

Snakehole is seen one last time in the series finale, "One Last Ride" in April and Andy's flash-forward to 2022, when April is dressed as her for Halloween, with Andy once again dressed as Burt Macklin.