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Ingrid de Forest was a councilwoman from Eagleton. She is played by Kristen Bell.

Like many residents of the former Eagleton, Ingrid has an upper-class, WASP-ish mentality. She claims to dislike talking about money (considering the practice "gauche"), though she will often make reference to her glamourous, globe-trotting lifestyle.

According to Leslie, Ingrid had won the Miss Indiana beauty pageant while serving in her capacity as a city councilor and pregnant.

After the merger between Pawnee and Eagleton, Leslie is recalled as Pawnee councilwoman and replaced by Ingrid.


  • Ingrid claimed to know both Sir Ian McKellen and Karl Lagerfeld. It's also possible that she had met Michael Bublé, as Eagleton had him on retainer.
  • Ingrid referred to having studied opera at the Sorbonne and having a received a PhD from the same institution. She didn't specify what her doctorate was in, but acknowledged that there was a fashion component.
  • Leslie's comment that Ingrid had won the "Miss Indiana" pageant while pregnant raises a question as to which competition Ingrid had won, as the "Miss America" organization does not allow women who are currently pregnant (or have ever been pregnant) to participate. It also prompts the question of whether or not Ingrid is married or has been in the past.
  • The episode Ron & Jammy included a Pawnee City Council session, but it was shot in such a way that Ingrid's seat was obscured, leaving the question open of whether she is still a City Councilperson in 2017.
  • Ingrid is played by Kristen Bell, who would later play Eleanor Shellstrop on The Good Place, another show created by Michael Schur.