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Hugh Trumple is the former Chief of the Pawnee Police Department. He has a very serious and gruff personality and speaks in a dry, monotonic manner.

Trumple has great respect for Leslie Knope because of her passion for helping those around her.

Chief Trumple first appeared in "Ron & Tammy: Part 2", when Ron Swanson gets arrested for a night of debauchery with his ex-wife Tammy 2. The chief agreed to Leslie's request that he release him to Leslie's custody. Ben Wyatt feared Leslie cashing in this favor meant the chief would not agree to provide security for the upcoming harvest festival, but Chief Trumple agreed to do so anyway out of his respect for Leslie, telling Ben he will always do favors for Leslie because she is "the kind of person who uses those favors to help people."

The chief reappeared in the episode "Eagleton", where he arrested Leslie when she refused to apologize for getting in a fight with Lindsay Carlisle Shay, her rival from the neighboring city of Eagleton, Indiana.

In the episode "Dave Returns", it is announced that he is retiring as Chief of Police and Leslie seeks his endorsement for her city council campaign as well.


  • It is unclear who immediately succeeded Trumple as Chief of Police in Pawnee. In Season 5, the Police Chief was a man named Fugleberg.