George Williams is a maintenance worker with the Department of Public Works in Pawnee, Indiana. He's known as a NASCAR enthusiast.


Season 3Edit

In "Jerry's Painting ", he is seen fixing the light in Leslie's office. In "Li'l Sebastian", George catches Ben Wyatt and Leslie Knope kissing before the start of Li'l Sebastian's memorial service. George was supposed to be in charge of the propane at the ceremony, but Leslie told him he should take the rest of the day off, causing everyone's ceremonial responsibilities to get mixed up. She also gave him a $50 gift certificate to a spa "in exchange for your discretion".

Season 4Edit

In "The Trial of Leslie Knope", George is called to the stand as Chris Traeger's last witness in Leslie's ethics trial. He confesses he saw Ben and Leslie kissing at Li'l Sebastian's memorial service and that they bribed him to keep quiet with a gift certificate. He says that he used the certificate and got a facial. Leslie attempts to discredit him as a witness, by saying she notices he's wearing glasses during this trial but wasn't during the memorial. She asks him to read a piece of paper which reads "I could read this if I weren't so blind" in an attempt to trick him.