Gayle Gergich is Jerry Gergich's wife, who is frequently mentioned by Jerry and has made a few appearances on Parks and Recreation.

Background[edit | edit source]

According to the May 3, 2012 Parks Department Newsletter, Gayle received her undergraduate degree in Art History. Jerry mentioned in an episode that people say their daughter Millicent takes after Gayle. In the episode "Sweet Sixteen", Jerry mentions that Gayle "makes a huge deal" out of his birthday every four years (since his birthday is on February 29); this celebration consists "splitting a piece of cotton candy cheesecake from Cakey J's Cheesecake Facility, holding hands for a while and listening to some Anita Baker," at which point she meets up with some friends and Jerry turns in early.

Season 3[edit | edit source]

In "Camping", Jerry mentions to a visibly uncomfortable Ron Swanson that he was twenty-four when Gayle took his virginity.

The episode "Jerry's Painting" ends with Leslie on the phone with Gayle, explaining that she isn't having an affair with Jerry. She tells Gayle that she didn't pose for Jerry's painting, but thanks her for thinking that she did. Tom Haverford is then shown on the phone, assuring Gayle that neither he nor Jerry is gay and that he, too, didn't pose for the painting. He then tells her that Jerry has only eyes for her and pound cake, cracking up at his own joke. Gayle is neither seen nor heard in this episode. 

Season 5[edit | edit source]

Gayle first appears on-screen in "Ron and Diane", when she and Jerry cohost the Gergich holiday party. Everyone is stunned by the disparity between their levels of attractiveness. Later at the party, the whole Gergich family sings "Here We Go A-Caroling" together.

Gayle reappears in "Jerry's Retirement", greeting Leslie into the Gergich household after Jerry's retirement. During breakfast, the whole Gergich family serenades Leslie in five-part harmony. Seeing the happiness of the Gergich family causes Leslie to realize that she needs to focus less on achievements, and more on the relationships in her life, especially her relationship with Ben.

Throughout Season 5, Ben constantly questions why Gayle is with Jerry. A possible answer could be from Season 4 when it was revealed that Jerry has an enormous penis or season 6 where his masterful cooking skills are showcased. Another possible reason could be from the fact that Jerry was a lot like Chris in his youth.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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