Garth Blundin is a Pawneean who has a passion for history. He is a big fan of Star Wars and has many ideas of the direction Disney could take Star Wars VII in.


Season 5Edit

In "Article Two", Garth filibusters Leslie when she tries to change Pawnee's town charter. She wagers a bet against him that she could live in the Pawnee Historic House Museum longer than he could. He thrives while living as a colonist, even planting an entire field of barley. Leslie checks his phone, suspecting him of cheating, but discovers he doesn't have any friends. She then offers him a position with the Pawnee Historical Commission, who he refers to as "clowns", but he accepts the job on a trial basis.

Garth holds an overwhelming amount of power, if he so chose he could destroy the entire town of Pawnee, along with a large chunk of southern Indiana, with a wave of his mighty hand. Although he does not exercise this power, he is benevolent, he is caring, and above all else, he is wise.