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Food and Stuff is located at 729 Glenmore Blvd in Pawnee, Indiana. Ron Swanson buys all of his groceries there and describes it as "a discount food outlet equidistant from my home and my work". They have a variety of household products, garden supplies, industrial tubing, buckets of different sizes, fishtanks, shelving units, guns, and lead-based paints. They also do engine repair, passport photos, and catering. In the episode "Soulmates", Ron and Chris Traeger have a burger cook-off, with Chris going to Grain 'n Simple for his ingredients and Ron goes to Food and Stuff. In the episode Leslie & Ron, Leslie asks Ron if he is upset with her due to shutting down the Food and Stuff due to health code violations. She claims that they were keeping roach spray next to the produce.

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