Fielding Milton is one of the five City Council members of Pawnee, Indiana. He has been known to express sexist and racist views. Leslie mentions that he was first elected as a City Councilman in 1948 as a member of the Dixiecrat party, on the platform of de-integrating baseball.

As a councilman, he has done a lot to help the city of Pawnee. He founded the committee to Preserve the Pawnee Japanese Interment Camp Museum and is also the chairman and only member of the Commitment to Re-convert the Pawnee Japanese Internment Camp Museum Back into a Working Internment Camp.

Milton's sexist and racist views become apparent on multiple circumstances, most notably in the episodes 'How a Bill Becomes a Law' and 'Women in Garbage'. In the episode 'How a Bill Becomes a Law', Milton attempts to kiss Leslie after they reach an agreement. Additionally, in the same episode, Milton refers to Tom as 'my ethnic friend', as well as asking his nationality. In the episode 'Women in Garbage', Paula Horke states that the male City Counselors kept a calendar of her Menstrual Cycle. Later in the episode, Leslie discovers Milton has been keeping an identical calendar for her.

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