Ethel Beavers is a court stenographer who works on The Fourth Floor.

Season 3Edit

In the episode "The Bubble", Ethel gives Tom and Andy a tour of The Fourth Floor when they work up there to digitize city archives. Usually a charmer with the ladies, Ethel isn't taken with Tom's flirting and instead teases him with her friend Muriel.

Season 4Edit

During the episode "The Trial of Leslie Knope", Ethel is the court stenographer throughout Leslie's ethics committee hearing.

Season 5 Edit

When April and Andy need to get someone from the City Clerk's Office to sign a marriage license in "Leslie and Ben", they knock on Ethel's door after 10:00 pm. Ethel has an old man sleeping over (claiming she was on a date that went well). April asks Ethel if she and Andy can adopt her as their grandmother, to which Ethel halfheartedly replies "fine".