Elsa Clack (d. 2011) was the proprietor and manager of the isolated bed-and-breakfast The Quiet Corn. It is possible she may have lived there at the time, along the hundreds of cats that kept her company and that she took care of. Elsa is a very old-fashioned woman, yet very warm and welcoming, but tends to be hostile and stern when coping with rudeness. She is noted for possessing a talent in the harpsichord.


Season 3Edit

In the third season episode "Camping," Clack received the Department of Parks and Recreation willingly at The Quiet Corn. Since the inn was nearest to the Pawnee Campground of the Wamapoke County Forest, where the Department held a camping trip to think of an idea for their next, big project that will have served as a sequel to the well-received and much anticipated Harvest Festival, Jerry Gergich suggested they stay there, since Tom Haverford had used all of their car's electricity to power his tent and they couldn't be driven back home.

Elsa Clack died in 2011, twenty minutes after giving a private rendition of Ludwig van Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" on the harpsichord to Ben Wyatt and Jerry Gergich in The Quiet Corn.