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Eagleton, Indiana was a town that lies to the northwest of the city of Pawnee and has a population of 9,500. Shortly after Pawnee was founded in May of 1817, a group of the wealthiest and more prominent citizens, finding the soil untenable and the smell unpleasant, "evacuated" to the west and founded Eagleton. Eagleton is located on top of a hot spring which allows them to grow plants that other cities in Indiana cannot plant. According to Leslie Knope, Eagleton is "the land of rich, snobby jerks". She also accuses the town of having "stole all our money" before seceding two centuries back. Former Eagletonians have a very negative reputation among most Pawneeans, and vice versa.

In "The Pawnee-Eagleton Tip Off Classic", after almost 200 years since the Eagleton Secession, the city is reabsorbed by Pawnee, as it had accumulated too much debt. 

About Eagleton

Incorporated: 1817
Population (a/o 2010 census): 9,480 "arrogant pinheads"

De-Incorporated, and reabsorbed into Pawnee: 2014


Eagleton Police Department
  • Eagleton Police Department
    • Features maple walnut scones.
  • Eagleton Holding Cell
    • Herbal tea and Greek yogurt served.
  • Grantham Pond
    • Open for all-day swims.
  • Half of Lafayette Park
  • Brinkley Tanning Field
    • Populated with attendants ready to provide water mistings and fresh pineapple rounds.
  • "Dawn-O'er-Eagleton" Hot Air Balloon Voyages
    • Free of charge to citizens.
  • Plates
    • New local/organic American bistro on Lanover Street, which recently received Gastronomique Francaise's highest honor, the Gold Rating. It is owned by chef Terrence Eaujeune.
  • Vilafolli Vineyard
  • Pennington Square Farmers Market
  • The Plaza Eagleton
  • Essence
  • Eagleton Town Hall
    • Valet parking available.

      A public forum in Eagleton Town Hall.

    • Complimentary iPod Touches and verbana-scented soy candles are given out to everyone who attends public forums.
    • Complimentary crêpes made out of porcini mushrooms and Boursin cheese is served during said forums.

Parks and Recreation Department

Deputy Director Lindsay Carlisle Shay runs the Parks and Recreation Department of Eagleton, Indiana.


Employee Title
Lindsay Carlisle Shay Deputy Director of Parks and Recreation Department
George Gernway

City Manager

John McCabe Executive Director of Parks and Recreation Department
Ingrid de Forest City Council Member
Ron Dunn Former Director of Parks and Recreation Department


  • Eagletonians call their boogers "Pawnee Caviar". ("Pawnee Commons")

    Eagleton policemen.

  • Palm trees can grow in Eagleton as the city lies on top of a hot spring, which creates a "micro-climate zone" ("Pawnee Commons").
  • Policemen in Eagleton ride on Segways. 
  • Forbes Magazine labelled Eagleton a "model city the rest of America would do well to emulate".[1]
  • As drivers exit Eagleton, a sign helpfully informs them: "Now Entering Pawnee: Good luck with that."
  • Because of their cupcake factory, the air always smells like vanilla ("Eagleton")
  • Eagleton was the Wamapoke County Seat before Pawnee reabsorbed the city. Now, Pawnee is likely the county seat.