Duke Silver is a jazz saxophonist, playing the tenor saxophone, and is the leader of The Duke Silver Trio. He performs at Cozy's Bar in Eagleton, Indiana, on the second Thursday of every month

"Duke Silver" is, in fact, the stage name of Ron Swanson, created to maintain personal privacy during Ron's moonlighting as a musician. Duke's fan base appears to consist entirely of middle-aged (and older) women, many of whom attend performances by the Duke Silver Trio and fervently idolize Duke himself.

Thus far, only four of Ron's subordinates have shown awareness of his stage persona as Duke Silver: Mark Brendanawicz was first to reveal knowledge of Duke's true identity in the series in Episode 4 of Season 2 'Practice Date'; Tom Haverford was directed to meet "an old friend of Ron's" at Cozy's (by Mark) and subsequently witnessed the Duke Silver Trio's show ("Practice Date"); and April Ludgate claimed in "94 Meetings" to have recognized Ron immediately as Duke upon meeting him for the first time, due to April's mother owning all of Duke's albums. Andy Dwyer learned his identity in the season 6 episode "New Slogan".

[1]In "Dave Returns", it is revealed that Duke records all of his albums at the Doubletime Sound Studio. He records the saxophone solo in "Catch Your Dream" by Andy's band Mouse Rat, unbeknownst to Andy.

In "Ron and Diane" , Ron's girlfriend, Diane, feels intimidated by his relationship with Leslie, and is afraid she will not get to know Ron as well as Leslie does. Ron reveals to Diane that he is in fact Duke Silver, something Leslie is not aware of, in order to prove to her that, although Leslie is an important person in his life, Diane is also extremely important to him and is a very special person in his life.

Ron publicly revealed his identity as Duke at the conclusion of the Unity Concert, joining Andy and the other performers on stage during the closing song, much to the surprise of the remaining characters.


Duke Silver Poster

It is unknown when Ron Swanson began performing as Duke. During an interview as Duke Ron said, "Jazz sax is a connection to the heavens. Human breath enters, and Angel breath leaves." He is inspired by the musicians Coltrane, Getz, and Foreigner. Duke is known for saying, "Come love with me… and maybe we can walk through fire together."[1]


Year Album Art Album Name Description
2004 SmoothasSilver Smooth as Silver "Hello, world. Nice to meet you. I'm Silver Duke!"... is what this album says. The tides changed a little when this album came out. Swimmers swam a little more peacefully. Surfers surfed a little more beautifully. Boaters boated well. This bursting debut album is why ears were created.[2]
2007 HiHoDuke Hi-Ho, Duke! Duke really comes into his own on this release. It has everything you've come to expect from the music of Duke Silver: the frenetic energy, the sexual tension, the saxophone. Never before has such a vast array of emotion come from just two 30-minute tracks of pure jazz.[2]
2009 MemoriesofNow Memories... of Now The most recent trappings of Duke's spirit. It has the lush jazz landscapes of albums past, mixed with the tranquil explosions of Duke's recent inner-musical-triumphs. A must have for any fan of anything. Featuring their classic "Walk Through Fire With Me". [2]