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Dr. Lu Saperstein is a successful obstetrician and investor living in Pawnee. He is Jean-Ralphio and Mona-Lisa Saperstein's father. He is played by Henry Winkler.


Season 6[]

Dr. Saperstein uses his attorney Trevor Nelson to attempt to purchase Tom's business Rent-A-Swag. When Tom refuses, Dr. Saperstein opens a competing business, claiming to want revenge on Tom for offenses against the Saperstein children.

In spite of his antagonistic relationship with Tom, Dr. Saperstein acts as doctor for Ann and Chris, as well as Leslie and Ben when both couples are expecting their babies.

Dr. Saperstein arrives at the opening night of Tom's Bistro following the Unity Concert to gloat, but when he sees how crowded the restaurant becomes, he offers to become an investor. Tom is however hesitant.

Season 7[]

Dr. Saperstein is one of the citizens of Pawnee being considered for the position of Interim Mayor following the death of Mayor Gunderson, but he has to refuse due to his many other commitments.

Later, Dr. Saperstein serves as April and Andy's doctor when they decide to have a child.


  • Although his first name is not stated, his doctor's coat in the episode "One in 8,000" says it is "Lu."
  • Dr. Saperstein is an indulgent father. At times, he seems aware of his children's character flaws, but other times he seem oblivious, believing their lies and giving them money whenever they want it.
  • It was implied that Dr. Saperstein had invested in a dry cleaning supply wholesaler similar to the one that Ben had suggested to Tom. Tom rejected the idea as being too boring, yet Dr. Saperstein's investment was doing extremely well.
  • The character's name seems to be an homage to Dr. Abraham Saperstein, Rosemary Woodhouse's Satan-worshiping obstetrician in Rosemary's Baby.
  • In "One in 8,000," he revealed that he asks all of his patients to adopt his kids.