Dr. Harris is a co-worker of Ann Perkins. He is known to be rude and inconsiderate.


Season 1Edit

In "Rock Show" Dr. Harris removes Andy Dwyer 's casts from his legs which were broken during his fall into The Pit .  While discussing this with Ann Perkins , he reveals that Andy postponed the removal of his casts in order to take advantage of Ann's generosity in caring for him while he was immobilized, which becomes the catalyst for the end of their relationship.

Season 2Edit

In "Greg Pikitis," while at Ann Perkins' Halloween party he bluntly stated to Ann, "Hey I'm gonna leave, this isn't that fun. I'm gonna take this home, (holding bottle of wine) nobody was drinking it so I'm gonna take it. I'm gonna take this too. (grabs book off of shelf) I've been meaning to read it" and left the party.

In "Freddy Spaghetty", Andy sees Dr. Harris after he breaks his arm and fingers when a car slammed into his motorcyle.

Season 3Edit

In "Li'l Sebastian", Chris sees Dr. Harris for tendinitis and he suggests him that everything is ok.

Season 4Edit

In "I'm Leslie Knope", Ann arranges for Dr. Harris to screen all the male City Hall employees' testicles after receiving dozens of e-mails with photos from the employees on her phone, asking for a diagnosis. In "The Comeback Kid", Andy meets with Dr. Harris for a concussion he got while hammering his gold record on the wall, as well as for a slew of other medical problems.




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