David Moser was the 3rd to most recent head of the Parks and Recreation Department of Pawnee, Indiana. He was in Public Works for 8 years, but realizing that the department head was young, he got a transfer to the Parks Department and pushed the head, Clarence Carrington, out of office. He did not care a bit about the parks, caring completely about the money and power. He would always copy the Eagleton Summer Catalog rather then make his own.


Season 2Edit

David joins Leslie, Ron, and the other former Parks Directors Michael Tansley and Clarence Carrington for an outdoor picnic in one of Pawnee's parks in "Summer Catalog". Leslie Knope came to hate him after interviewing him for the Pawnee summer catalog. She found him to have somewhat of a hatred for parks. At one point, he began to pee in the middle of the park, laughing that he'd just "whizzed on a butterfly".

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