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Craig Middlebrooks is a fictional character in the NBC comedy Parks and Recreation.  He was one of the staff who moved from the Parks and Recreation Department in Eagleton in season 6 episode Doppelgängers.


Craig is a competent (though volatile) government employee. He is seen as being loud and opinionated and possibly "caring even more than Leslie". He is also a wine expert, and was hired by Tom Haverford to be sommelier for Tom's Bistro.

Craig eventually took over Leslie Knope's position in the Parks Department and he was responsible for replacing much of the staff after the previous employees moved on. It was indicated that Craig became Head of the Parks Department after Ron Swanson left the position to enter the private sector.

In addition to his position as sommelier, Craig eventually began singing at Tom's Bistro as well. This attracted the attention of Typhoon, and the two men eventually married, with Ron serving as Typhoon's best man. Craig and Typhoon were shown having a long and happy life together (though Craig retained his penchant for dramatic outbursts)