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Burt Tyrannosaurus Macklin is the alter-ego of Andy Dwyer. Andy goes into character as Burt when a situation requires the presence of law enforcement. He has a twin brother named Kip Hackman (although this may be an alter ego for Macklin himself). 


Season Two[]

Andy is first shown in the character of Burt Macklin in "Greg Pikitis" while questioning local teen Greg Pikitis on his vandalism of Mayor Percy's statue. Burt waltzes in, claiming to work for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). However, Greg is mean to Burt and makes him cry.

Season Three[]

In "Ron & Tammy: Part 2", Andy writes a fake email, signed 'Burt Macklin', to get April out of working for Chris.

In "The Fight", Andy and April roleplay as Burt and Janet Snakehole while at The Snakehole Lounge, pretending he was the best FBI agent the agency had until he was framed for stealing the president's rubies.

Season Four[]

In "Born & Raised", Burt assists Leslie in retrieving her long-form birth certificate from the Wamapoke County Records by storming the back of the records office after the employee working there tells her it will take a few weeks to get her birth certificate to her.

Burt is on high alert in "Bus Tour" after someone tries to throw a pie at Leslie at a campaign rally. He uses Jerry as a case study to try and determine the angle at which the pie was thrown towards Leslie. Burt eventually solves the pie case: it was meant for Ben, not Leslie, and it was thrown by Joe Fantringham, whom Ben had fired. Andy catches Joe attempting another pie throw, but he forgets to actually stop him and Ben is hit in the face.

Season Five[]

In "Pawnee Commons", April roleplays as Judy Hitler and Andy as Burt Macklin. However, when Burt Macklin makes a child cry and Andy Dwyer helps him find his mother, April suggests that Macklin retire, which he does, making this one of his final appearances as Andy's alterego, although he returned as a character in The Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show. However, Macklin comes out of retirement in Are You Better Off? to solve the mystery of who was pregnant.

Season Six[]

In Recall Vote, Chris Traeger tries to cheer up April, who misses Andy by pretending to be Burt Macklin, who he mistakes for a friendly lifeguard.

Season Seven[]

In "The Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show", he is a character. The show ended in the eponymous episode. Burt Macklin appeared again once more in "One Last Ride", in April and Andy's flash-forward to 2022, when Andy Dwyer dressed up as him for Halloween, role-playing with April, who was dressed as Janet Snakehole.