Andrew "Burly" Burlinson is the guitar player in the band Mouse Rat. He is known as the shy one and is known for being a neat freak who flips out on his roommates. But just calling him "the shy one" doesn't really do Burly justice. Burly's more like a shy, anal-retentive neat freak who gets upset with his temporary roommates when they're just trying to live normally. Like, Burly gets mad when someone puts the Pop Tarts box in his underwear drawer. But, doesn't it make sense to put the two first things you grab in the morning -- a frosted strawberry Pop Tart and, on laundry day, a pair of your roommate's clean underwear -- in the same spot? Burly calls this "a gross invasion of privacy." Others call it "an inspired time-saver." Other than that, Burly's an okay guy and pretty solid guitar player.

Season TwoEdit

In "Woman of the Year", Burly is seen arguing with his roommate Andy Dwyer. He tells him "if you're not going to pay rent, can you at least clean up your dishes?" He also demands he stop his bag of smells experiment. Burly tells him he better "shape up or move out". Frustrated, Andy starts looking for another place to live and enlists April Ludgate's help.

Season FourEdit

Andy and April currently live in his house after he moves out to live with his rich girlfriend.


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