Brandi Maxxxx is a pornography star, who has starred in over 200 films after being in the business for only one year. She thinks that she and Leslie Knope are friends, but she is unaware of the fact that Leslie doesn’t like her. Leslie just doesn’t want to be rude to Brandi. She is also known to be similar to Leslie.

In "Jerry's Painting", Brandi appears on Perd Hapley's show Ya Heard? With Perd! to discuss the nude painting that Leslie appears in.

In the episode "Campaign Shake-Up", Brandi is running alongside Leslie in the race for City Council. She was in third place, with 8% of the vote, with Bobby Newport at 45% and Leslie at 30%.

Later, in "The Debate", Brandi is one of the candidates for city counselor. She maintained a positive attitude and is supportive of Leslie Knope.

In the director's cut version of "The Debate", Mrs. Maxxxx reveals she holds a Bachelor's degree from Princeton University.

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