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William "Bill" Dexhart is a local politician who, in the episodes in which he's appeared, has always been embroiled in a bizarre sex scandal involving multiple partners. Despite this, he always ends by saying he has no plans to resign.


Season Two

In the episode "Practice Date", a scandal breaks out involving Dexhart for having four-way sex in a Brazilian cave while pretending to be building houses for the underprivileged. He claims, in his defense, that it was his birthday and he "really wanted to do it". In the episode "Christmas Scandal", Dexhart claims that he's had an affair with Leslie Knope after meeting with her to discuss her performance in the Annual Pawnee Government Christmas Follies spoofing his recent sex scandals. She learns the sketch was accidentally accurate about another bizarre sex scandal that has not been made public. After assuring Dexhart that it was merely a coincidence, Leslie discovers that the local tabloid, The Pawnee Sun, has taken pictures of their lunch and is reporting that Leslie is Dexhart's new mistress. The local show "Pawnee Today" digs up an old video of Leslie shaking hands with Dexhart and overanalyzes every aspect of the short clip. Ann Perkins brings Dexhart to her home, where Ann and Leslie demand he clear Leslie's name. Dexhart refuses because the fake scandal is so docile compared to his real transgressions that it is actually positive press for him. He then tries getting Leslie to actually have sex with him, much to Ann and Leslie's shock. As he gets pushed out of the house he tries to push her saying: "people already think we did it" and "I'm very good" to no avail. Soon after, Ann is horrified to discover that a news crew secretly followed Dexhart to her home and took a photograph of the meeting, resulting in speculation that Ann is Leslie's lesbian lover in a three-way relationship with Dexhart. A furious Leslie schedules an appearance on "Pawnee Today" to clear her name once and for all. On the show, host Joan Callamezzo surprises Leslie by bringing out Dexhart, who tries to prove their affair by claiming that Leslie has a mole on her buttocks. To finally end the scandal, Leslie pulls down her pants on live television and moons Callamezzo. Since there is no mole, Dexhart is forced to admit that he fabricated the sex scandal.

Season Six

In the episode Second Chunce, after Leslie loses her recall election, she's depressed about being forced out of the City Council. Leslie and Ben then see on the news that Dexhart is embroiled in another sex scandal which involved him sending salacious messages to other women and "Text-Mexting". Leslie sees this as an opportunity to run against Dexhart for his council seat. Ben doesn't agree with that idea since Dexhart is entrenched in his district and runs scorched earth campaigns against all who challenge him. Leslie isn't deterred by Ben's arguments and Ben eventually decides to support Leslie's ambitions no matter what, but he brings in Jennifer Barkley for an hour of consultation. Jennifer believes that Leslie shouldn't run for Dexhart's seat since Leslie has so much potential and she should be aiming her sights higher and out of Pawnee. Taking Jennifer's words to heart, Leslie decides against running for Dexhart's seat.

In One in 8,000, Dexhart hires Andy Dwyer to perform as Johnny Karate for a birthday party. When Jerry asks whose birthday is it, Dexhart responds that he doesn't know and that he has so many illegitimate children that he holds one giant birthday party each year so that he can get them all out of the way at once.