"Ann and Chris" is the thirteenth episode of season 6 of the NBC television series Parks and Recreation, and the 103rd episode overall. It premiered on January 30, 2014 to 3.03 million viewers.


It is Ann Perkins and Chris Traeger's last day in Pawnee. In celebration of a friendship formed five years earlier, Leslie Knope secretly arranges for her and Ann to officially break ground on Pawnee Commons at Lot 48 as a going away present. However, the Director of the Public Works Department, Harold, storms into her office and questions how she got an approval to do that, seeing as he did not sign off on it. In addition to breaking ground, Leslie organizes a going away party for Ann and Chris.

Elsewhere, Chris is packing up the last of his things with help from his friends. While packing, they notice there are several boxes scattered throughout the room with their names on them. Chris reveals they are his gift to them and calls them "buddy boxes" – each box contains a memento that symbolizes his friendship with each of them. Ron's memento is a bronzed hamburger, Ben's is a 2008 Indiana State audit spreadsheet, Andy's is a Farewell Li'l Sebastian Memorial Concert advertising poster, Jerry's is a picture of him officiating Leslie and Ben's wedding, and Tom's is a vial of Snake Juice. As they were not prepared for such thoughtful gifts, the group feel bad for only getting Chris a gift card. They set themselves the goal of coming up with something better over the course of the evening.

At the party, Leslie explains that because she doesn't know when she will see Ann again, the party's theme is a celebration of everything that will happen in the coming year i.e. Easter, birthdays etc. Throughout the night, Ann gets around to all her comrades to say a personal thank you and goodbye. As the party ticks on, Leslie finds out that Public Works has placed a padlock on the fence surrounding Lot 48, halting her plans for a midnight ground breaking. Having run out of ideas of how to solve this problem, she reluctantly informs Ann of her surprise plan and apologizes for not being able to get it done. Ann insists they do what needs to be done that night in order to accomplish this ground breaking. They first head over to Harold's house where they ask for the key to the locked fence. He says they can have the key if they get back the free sodas his department used to get from Kathryn Pinewood. Kathryn reveals, after being put in a head lock by Ann, that if they can get Sweetums a local spokesman to endorse their new sports drink, they will give them whatever they want. They enlist Perd Hapley to be the endorser, which gives them the sodas they need to give to Harold, and the key from Harold to open the padlock. Leslie and Ann sit alone together in the empty lot and reminisce over their friendship and what's to come. The pair then each shovel out the first lot of dirt, signifying a promise kept by Leslie that she made to Ann five years earlier.

Meanwhile, Ben thinks of the perfect gift they can give to Chris. As Chris is starting a new life with a new family, they give him an empty (save for their initials) buddy box, hand-crafted by Ron, to fill with memories for his child. In the morning, Ann and Chris say their final goodbyes to their friends, as they depart Pawnee for their new life in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Quotes Edit

Ron: [walks up to Ann] Goodbye, Ann. I have enjoyed parts of our time together.
Ann: [deeply touched] Oh, God, Ron. [she begins to cry]
Jerry: [also crying] That was really something.

[Ben, Ron, Tom, Jerry, and Andy have given Chris a buddy box with their initials inside]
Ron: [noticing Chris is tearing up] Salt and water will warp the wood, so keep your tears in your eyes where they belong.
Chris: Will do, Ron Swanson.

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