Animal Control

Animal Control in Pawnee wasn't one of the most effective branches of Pawnee's government. Leslie Knope referred to them as "a bunch of burned out morons".

In Animal Control , Chris Traeger fires the whole department due to their incompetence. After failing to find a suitable new director, April Ludgate suggests to dissolve the department into the Parks and Recreation department. Chris and Leslie then appoint her Deputy Director of the new sub-department.


Animal Control 2
Animal Control


Employee Title
April Ludgate Deputy Director (2013-)
Ron Swanson Director of Parks and Recreation


Employee Title
Eugene Dredge Former Director (until 2011)
Brett Hull Former Co-Director (until 2013)
Harris Wittels Former Co-Director (until 2013)

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When Ann confronts Ron about his being sick, he is dressed like Ignatius Reilly, the hypochondriac antihero of John Kennedy Toole's A Confederacy of Dunces .


Ignatius reilly edit

Ron Swanson as Ignatius Reilly